Monday, 18 April 2011

Decimator 1

A bit more work has been done on the Weirdboy Battle Tower but I thought this blog was getting too much of an Orky slant so before I do another Tower update here is soem pics of a conversion I did a while back for my Militia.

Just after the Baneblade came out I wanted a tank that could take something of that size out in one shot, the Shadowsword was only a FW kit at the time so I set about converting a plastic Baneblade into something kin to a Shadowsword. To reflect the nature of the Chaos Renegade Militia using old, sometime mothballed equipment (such as the Malcador) I took inspiration from the Epic list and put together a Decimator - the precursor to the Shadowsword.

Basically the hull and tracks are stock, I then built a new superstructure and weapon. converted sponsons and added new exhausts (hate the stock GW BB exhausts) and added a shed load of stowage and Militia touches (skulls, chains and spikes).

After those pics were taken a few armour plates were added and then I gave the whole thing a quick coat of spray to highlight and gaps and dodgy looking spots more easily.

Areas where more things were going to be glued or where more
work to be added were masked before spraying.
Next up was the main gun and sponsons.

The main gun got a support at the front, modelled as a battlefield repair job. For the sponsons I went with a quad heavy stubber set up alongwith the targeters to make the whole thing BS4.

The main gun and sponsons remain removeable.

The only things left to do where some details including the stowage.

After that it was just a coat of black undercoat to bring the whole thing together...


  1. This is off topic, but hopefully good news. I've nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award.

    What does that mean? Only positives I hope. I've posted all of the details here:

  2. Cheers very much, nice to know the effort is appreciated!