Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Weirdboy Battle Tower 12

Spent most of the day model wise adding lacquer to the Dambustas boards. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to get some pics of them and do an update.

In addition to that I had another round of adding detail to the tower. Did some work towards getting crew on there and also started building the pintle Big Shootas.

First up we have the guy peeking out through the door. The head is a stand in - the plan is still to use some sculpted Madboy heads on a number of the crew figures.

Round the corner I used a boy torso attached to some cut down legs to sit in the hole left in the paneling. I used some brass rod to allow him to be easily removed but sit securely when in place. Arms & (madboy?) head to be sorted. The hinge was changed on the hatch door so that the central piece is now glued to the panel on the tank, rather than the door, just for ease of positioning - it will now open to the side rather at the rear so the detail on the wall isn't covered up. Also added a handle (not shown in pic). The grot is a temporary stand in - I will use the arm but on a different body, idea being the Madboy is popping out of the hatch and the Grot is going to twat him.

Most of the work on the first Big Shoota is done, will need to add weld lines on the cross piece and the pintle base.  Big Shoota needs a bit of work as well, GS mainly to repair the casting. Due to the height of the walls and the spikes I added I will need to put in a firing step - area in red in the pics. Sure i'll have to do the same for the second one on the other side.

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