Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 4

The beast, it grows...


I added the inner track unit panels which allowed me to do the basic internal plating. This is quite plain as I do not know yet what will be seen. Until I do the uppr structure and deck I don't know where the lift will go and thus what internal walls etc will be added. I did the basic plating know though for ease.

As you can see I spaced out the one side as on that side will sit the superstructure up on the deck.

I added the rear extension of 20mm to match that done on the mock up as well.

As the inner track unit panels were in place I could finish off the underside of the hull:

Underside of the 20mm rear extension.

Detial shot of one side where the side panel has been added.
To end we have a scale shot of the Karrier thus far and a regular Baneblade hull...

Probably the next update on the Karrier will be Monday.


(copy and past job from the last post again.)

I have decided to run a competition revolving around the Karrier.

In the past while doing conversions people found it amusing if I kept a track record of the number of rivets I added, so I thought for this huge build I would do the same.

So the competition is this, you have a guess on the number of rivets I eventually add to the karrier with the person who is closest at the finish getting a Gun Emplacement kit as a prize.

However, to take part you will have to Follow this blog and post up your guess as a comment to this or the next post I do regarding the Karrier. You can change your mind providing you post your revised guess before those posts are surpassed by more updates.

After the posts open for guessing have passed I will do a running total.

* Notes - at the moment, depending how things go (i.e. if not much is shown in them) I may extend it.

** You may be thinking this is just a shameless plug for the blog attempting to get people to join in for a chance of a prize, and you would be correct.


  1. Matt do you find that adding so much material into the centre of the vehicle makes it any weaker and more delicate to handle? It looks like you brace it a lot though!

    Great work so far, really enjoyed the other two stretched super heavies I have seen you do so far.

    And.. 487 rivets?

    1. With enough bracing and support the model is solid, it won't flex and everything can be kept straight etc.

      And a small hint you might want to increase that guess...

  2. 487 rivets? He'll probably use that many on a hatch or one side panel!

    2300 rivets is a better guess!

    I'll say a smidge over 1900! 1945.

  3. Cheers for the comments.

    I'm having a non-Karrier day today but should get enough done for an update tomorrow (though I am rather short of poly cement...)