Sunday, 29 July 2012

Deff Skwadron 1

As promised an update...

Like many people I had to buy a couple of the new Ork Planes. The kits were too nice to turn down. In fact it would of been criminal not to, and I am of course a law abiding citizen.

However I wasn't going to pick up the White Dwarf for the rules slightly resenting the fact that was the only place they were plus I was already thinking of using them with the Forge World rules instead once updated for 6th edition. So I grabbed the new book as soon as it came out...

Before the book turned up I made a start on building the first plane, basically I got it to the point where I could then make it as any version (FW or GW). Now I have the book I am going to use the planes as either the Fighta Bommer or the Attak Fighta.

I pressed on with the build - I know it doesn't look much work but as with my other GW kits I have used in my army (i.e. Kans and Dreads) I have had to modify the parts to fit in - namely distressing all the edges, removing GW glyphs/dags/spikes etc and also replacing the majority of the rivets.

The rules for the Fighta Bommer and Attak Fighta combined with the bits you get in the excellent GW kit means with some magnets I can swap between the two options. Most likely I will use them both as Fighta Bommers in Apoc while in normal 40k i'll either use a single Fighta Bommer or use both as Attak Fightas (as you can buy them in squadrons).

So for example above you can see two of the pieces which will need magnetising - a simple plate for the Attak Fighta option and the gunner turret for the Fighta Bommer. I will need to magnetise the rokkits and bomms to swap them out.

Might do more on this tomorrow or a bit on the Karrier, like an Orky Lottery we just don't know what'll happen until something gets twatted.


  1. See, I reckon you just build it with all the dakka for both versions. It looks more orky dat way.

    1. Nah, I need to be able to clearly distinguish the two versions.

      Plus either eay I always have my weapons removeable to keep track of weapon destroyed results and/or for when one use weapons (e.g. rokkits & bomms) have been used.