Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 5 - Last time to enter Competition

Well, interesting development in the Karrier - I hit a bit of a snag.

Basically on and off over the previous two evenings I extended the front of the hull and built the Drivers Cab.

For a bit of difference and to bring some non linear shapes into the vehicle I made the Drivers Cab a semi circular bulge, he has a nice panoramic view.

So this evening the plan was to start working on the outer track unit panels, filling out the gap, adding road wheels etc all in preparation for the new tracks to arrive.

First thing I thought of was to add the forward drive wheels.

And then I realised the slight error I had made, namely I had covered up the area where the damn things fit.

So I had to carve out the two areas and then plate and detail everything back up again.

Another scale shot, with the track outer panels blu tac'd on and the front extension.

Going to take two or three days off the Karrier now, before getting back to it this weekend.


(copy and past job from the last post again.)
I have decided to run a competition revolving around the Karrier.

In the past while doing conversions people found it amusing if I kept a track record of the number of rivets I added, so I thought for this huge build I would do the same.

So the competition is this, you have a guess on the number of rivets I eventually add to the karrier with the person who is closest at the finish getting a Gun Emplacement kit as a prize.

However, to take part you will have to Follow this blog and post up your guess as a comment to this or post. This is your last chance to put up your guess. Once the next Karrier post is done that'll be it...

The running total will start in the next Karrier update.


  1. Nice to see I'm not the only one who makes the odd mistake!

    Like the panoramic view, give them a look at the scenery before it's crushed to bits!

    My guess on the rivet count will be 8500

  2. That is really looking great! I applaud your ability to overcome the setback. In proper orky stride just carve it out and bang on some more armor plates where it needs it! :)

    I'm going to say it's going to use up 7250 rivets, with a further 10 being flung off across the room accidentally while making them. Heh.

    Keep up the great work, Rictus!

  3. Argh. Typo. I meant to say 1250 - it'll have a lot, but I can't imagine it'll have seven thousand.

    ...Or for your sake and sanity, I hope it doesn't need that many. Hah!

  4. This may be low balling, but as there are 130 or so riveted on the drivers section and I think it will take you around 50 time that volume of plasticard armor plates, I think you'll use around 6,500 rivets in this conversion.

  5. This is shaping up really well, the construction so far is great. Sometimes a snag or a mix-up results in the best work, I'm glad I'm not the only one that's had that happen.

    I'll toss out a guess, I'll say this beast consumes 3,800 rivets when it's all said and done.

    Keep up the great work!

  6. 984 just to pick a weird number

  7. I'll say 667, because I can't see the orks putting exactly an even number of rivets.

  8. Gonna go with 4,253 because there won't be a fantastically even or planned number of rivets on any self-respecting ork vehicle.

  9. I'm liking the way the carrier is coming along. My guess 4567 rivets.

  10. I'd say around two thousand.

  11. I make it 4590. Or thereabouts.. Interested to see what you do with the superstructure.

    Out of interest, how do you make smooth curves out of plasticard?

    1. The curved drivers cab is built around circular discs I cut from 1mm styrene and then cut in half. Styrene sheet was then bent and glued to these semi-circles. Hope that is clear.

  12. I am going with 4033, it sounds like a good number. I can't wait to see the final result.


  13. I would say 2493. Its looking really good!

  14. I'm impressed you're going to count them all up! I'm going to say 3,400 rivets. I have no clue really! So here's to hopeful guessing!

  15. Wow, quite a lot of entries in the end.

    The competition has now closed to new entrants and the running total has now begun...