Saturday, 7 July 2012

Gun Turrets 5

So, I've not had any time to build the Mk. II Gun Turret, however while working on the new modified gun mounting plate for the gun emplacement I got thinking about using 3D modelling/printing to make the new gun turret.

This had led me to a crossroads as there are two ways I could take it...

1. Scratchbuild the basic shape then add detail pieces (such as rear door area, turret ring etc) which have been 3D printed.

2. Do the entire thing as a single 3D print.

The former will be a deal cheaper, while the second will allow more detail and be less hassle.

I am tempted to go with the second option but it really depends on how many casts I am likely to sell to people as that would make the initial expenditure worthwhile.

So to help me work out costs and to gauge interest I did a 3D mock up.

Now this is just a mock up, the basic size and shape is there but the details were just slapped on, the final design would be more developed.

To mount the turret there is a recess for a magnet and a 2mm hole  as an alternative means.

So what do people think? Is there enough interest out there for me to go down the one piece print?


  1. You can count on me being in for three, Rictus. I'd sold off the GW ones I had yoinks ago, and with the advent of 6th edition's expanded terrain/buildings/fortifications rules, I can definitely see them getting a lot of use on the table.

    Personally, I'm happy either way it pans out - doing the details as pieces that people then add to their own cardstock/plaster/etc. bunker would be lovely, but I think the fully-detailed terrain piece would likely be a bigger seller as it's paint and play with minimal build required.

    Looking forward to seeing how it comes out, either way!

  2. Depending on cost, I may be in for 2-6.

  3. If you arent going to use a package such as Zbrush to add texture to the base geometry, such as the flat topped pyramid and the rear entry, I cant see why you would want to 3-D print it, all the expense, but you dont seem to be gaining anything.

    I'd knock that out in plasticard and just 3d print the detail work you cant acheive easily through other means.

    1. The benefit it that a single piece would involve a lot less hassle with no worries about accuracy.

      I can build the basic structure (like with the Mk. I) but to measure the angles and dimensions accurate enough then have prints which are spot on dimensionally to avoid having to fill gaps etc and position them perfectly is worth a bit more money.

      The additional expense doesn't look to be that great. After costing the breakdown of parts it comes in at around 40-45% more to have the all in one print done. Which with the interest people are showing will be worth it.

  4. Well to start with, it's a perfect shape and project to do completely hollow (for the prototyping at least).

    Design wise, however, I'm not a fan of those two arcs that come to a point up top - it seems to be a staple of your design mentals, but it's just not my thing.

    1. The model is already hollow - all the 3D prints I have done are hollow as it dramatically reduces the cost.

      The gothic arch on the sides is only the second time I have done it - the reason being it matches the gothic arch on the Dragons Teeth I have done which will obviously be used with the gun turrets (well when I game at least...)

  5. I'd want at least one, probably three!

  6. Cheers for the comments everyone, hopefully I will be able to push the project on further very soon.