Monday, 23 July 2012

Gun Emplacement Mk.II 8 & Scatter Terrain 10

A brief hiatus from the Karrier to work on a couple of my own ongoing projects.

Gun Emplacement Mk. II 8

After many hours sanding, filling, spraying, filling, sanding etc the modified gun mounting plate was ready for casting.

I removed the plate I had previously added to the gun mounting plate so that the area where the crew raise and lower the gun was free of trip hazards (health & safety...), the hole underneath along with the circular hole at the rear had then to be filled and sanded flat (too ages and many goings over). The modified Basilisk plate was then added before going round filling in, sanding and so on...

Anyway. I did a mould and knocked out some casts...

The first perfect cast.

As you can see two of the three had an imperfection on the edge.
Bloody annoying.

I drilled out the two holes where the Earthshaker pieces fit into and assembled the Earthshaker. Blu-tac only for now:

And then in the fully raised position...

'Bang Bang' said Militiaman Bob as he smugly looked over the wall.

Sort of tempted to actually paint it...long shot but it may happen.

Next up...

Scatter Terrain 10

The Dragons Toof got a mould done and I knocked a few casts out.

I did a few in plaster and a few in resin to see the difference in them.

Rather than just take some pictures of some casts I based four of them (two plaster and two resin) and added some sand. Keep in mind this was a very quick and rough basing job, just wanted to see how the parts looked in context.

Militiaman Bob gets around.

Undercoated you can't tell the difference between the two materials.

Shock, horror I actually painted them - again just a quick and rough job.

I went with a brass top plate just to highlight them, I doubt I would go with brass eventually.

The plan is to do a few casts in resin incorporating rebar, i'll carve them up and add damage etc before using them as master for a set of moulds.

Quite pleased how they turned out, was a bit worried if the skulls would show up well enough originally but they show up easily without being too in your face.


  1. That is absolutely stellar work! Love how the emplacement is coming along, and the Dragon's Teeth look great. Awesome work, as always man!

    ...And I can't believe how 'under' my rivet guess was. Unbelievable, you sir are a rivet-making madman!

  2. That emplacement is great! Keep up the good work.

  3. Originally I thought that the skulls were, indeed, too much in-your-face, but now they look a lot better and I have to apologise for doubting you!

    1. Tut, tut. You should trust Rictus. It is the only way.

  4. those dragon's teeth are looking fantastic, the arch and skull design really adds a nice 40k touch without being over the top like most skull designs.
    have you thought about adding lifting rings to the top plates? could break up the monotony of large rows of teeth

    1. I did, but to be honest after getting so fed up with trying to add them to the defensive walls pieces I couldn't be arsed.

  5. That gun emplacement is simply brilliant! Would love to get my hands on a few!!

  6. Cheers for the comments everyone.


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