Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Gun Emplacement MK. II - 7

Though I have cast a number of sets recently for people (nine so far) I haven't touched my own gun emplacements since I first assembled them.

So while I await the Baneblade I have on order for the Kopta Karrier I decided to get back to them and start the Earthshaker gun mounting.

I took a new base plate from a Bassie kit and started cutting it up. I decided in the end to alter the base with two aims in mind, one minimising it giving more room on the mounting plate for the crew and two to increase the possible elevation of the gun (as suggested by Gonzo some time back).

The bulk of the work is now done, it needs to be added to the mounting plate and the details finished off. I will then cast up extra ones for a battery of guns, however I won't be selling these as it will be using GW parts.

As you can see much of the rear of the piece has been removed and replaced with styrene lowering the top surface which the gun sits over. The piece is also slightly shorter at the rear. More detail will be added to that plain face though.

You can clearly see just how much more the gun can now elevate.

Detail shots above show how the gun fits up against the curved surface carved out of the top face. On the one side a notch out gives room for the hinge to move down.

Final shot showing how the part fits on the mounting plate.

I am going to modify it slightly more before adding new details and attached the piece to the original master for the gun mounting plate so I can do the mould. I will take the opportunity I think to modify the mounting plate as well, such as filling in the small round recess bottom right.

Next update will either be on this or on the Deff Dreads, depending on if the magnets turn up tomorrow (fingers crossed).

My aim is to get a couple of smaller projects finished before the Baneblade arrives and I start on that.

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