Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 8

So, I hit one of those fun points in a build. The point of no return. It is always enjoyable faced with a "I think I need to do 'x' now, but there is a chance if I do I may find later I can't do 'y' or 'z'."

The usual response is just to say 'screw it' and go ahead and face the consequences that arise later.

So that's what I did.

The interior is on the way to being finished. I needed to finalise the size and position of the lift so that I could transfer this size & position to the under deck structure (I showed the first panel of this in the last post) and later on onto the deck itself.

Here is the lift and the rear interior panel with the lifting rails (which the lift runs up and down on).

As you can see I used one of the doors previously built.

The panel was then glued into place inside the hull along with the lifting mechanism gubbins...the lift itself has pieces of the same size underneath it so that is will sit on top of the mechanisms shown. Theory being that the lift is the same thickness as the deck, so when the mechanism gubbins pieces reach the top of the rails the top of the lift plate will be flush with the top of the decking.

The door leads to the engine room.

Once that panel was fixed in place I went ahead and detailed up the sides and floors of the interior.

The floor had no rivets added where the lift will eventually sit as you won't be able to see them, however I riveted up elsewhere, even where I thought the chances are you won't be able to see. Just in case.

Another one of the doors gives access to the upper levels.

And with the lift in position (not glued yet):

At the same time as doing this (well technically before I did that, but it was all part of the same thing) I did more to the under deck structure. I cut a top panel out, cut it into two and glued the rear part in place. Spacers between the two pieces gave me the height I wanted. I cut the lift hole out but I knew at the time much would later be covered as I finalised details regarding the lift.

The hole at the front will mount the turret (WIP) below. The top panel was cut in two to allow me to more easily modify the whole thing later on when I have the Rokkit Launcha built. The front obviously needs a lot more work yet.

In place you can see down the lift shaft:

The detailed up interior is visible still, those half hidden details like the doors I think add a lot of character to the whole thing. Though it will be a bugger to paint...

I also started to make a second deck using the last piece of foamboard I have. I wanted to re do it with the new positions for the lift shaft and also to help work out the rokkit launcha position and the forward structure round the turret.

Last but not least I said I would show the track this beast will be running on.

As mentioned I got these from Blood and Skulls Industry. They have a number of different track designs but I went with the Krusher pattern as it seemed very Orky.

Yep, it's that time again.

The latest additions to Da Rivet Off are:

Lift & Rear Panel - 121
Interior Walls & Floor - 159
(Note, the two doors used where not counted as they were included in a previous post)

And that is all for now.

Probably an update tomorrow, but on something else.

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  1. An' der was dakka, an' it wuz gud!

    The detail on this so far is absolutely great, and the size of that deck is amazing.


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