Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 6 - The Rivet Off Begins.

The outer track panels are coming together now. Limited how much I can do with them till the track pieces arrive and I can assemble the track units to the hull.

Bolt heads to attach the lower panels.

And now...

So the competition is now closed to entrants, which means I can put the list of entrants up with their guesses and of course start the running total.

First up the entrants...

And now the running total...

As I have been building the Karrier I have been keeping track of the number of rivets I add. Here are the rivet groups:

AA Gun 1 - 157
AA Gun 2 - 160
Doors - 66
Hull Bottom - 376
20mm Side Extension - 34
Front Ext. & Drivers Cab - 156
Outer Track Panels - 54

So yeah, 1003...


  1. Bugger may have low balled it a bit there :(

    Looks great though Matt.

    1. Well you've still got a chance...not much of one though...

  2. I seem to have grossly underestimated the amount of rivets. Oh well. Still looking forward to seeing it completed!

    1. It's the taking part that counts...!

      Cheers, quite enjoying putting it together.