Saturday, 14 July 2012

Ork Kopta Karrier 3

So I started building the Baneblade part of the Karrier.

Takes a while to do this as entending it in both directions makes a lot of extra work.

So far I have done the base plate and built the internal tracks sides. The external face of the base plate has been detailed, the next job will be gluing the panels so far extended/widened and then detailing the internal faces.

The base plate is 80mm longer and 50mm wider. The mock up had the Baneblade 30mm wider but I increased this to allow more room for the lift shaft.

It looks very rough inside, for a normal build this wouldn't be a problem but I will be doing an amount of internal work so that you can look down the lift shaft and not see crap.

I plan to get a fair amount done over the weekend expect an update or two to come...


(copy and past job from the last post I admit, but it covers everything and saved me some typing).

I have decided to run a competition revolving around the Karrier.

In the past while doing conversions people found it amusing if I kept a track record of the number of rivets I added, so I thought for this huge build I would do the same.

So the competition is this, you have a guess on the number of rivets I eventually add to the karrier with the person who is closest at the finish getting a Gun Emplacement kit as a prize.

However, to take part you will have to Follow this blog and post up your guess as a comment to this or the next two posts I do regarding the Karrier. You can change your mind providing you post your revised guess before those posts are surpassed by more updates.

After the posts open for guessing have passed I will do a running total.

* Notes - at the moment, depending how things go (i.e. if not much is shown in them) I may extend it.

** You may be thinking this is just a shameless plug for the blog attempting to get people to join in for a chance of a prize, and you would be correct.


  1. Sterling work as always mate.

    Revised rivet guess - 3679

  2. I find no problem with a shameless plug for your blog.

    4001 rivets

  3. Cheers for the comments everyone.

  4. 5555 rivets.
    Looking forward to seeing more of it!