Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Recalcitrant Daze - Part 2 and a Competition!

As the previous post descended into little more than a rant at White Dwarf I thought I would do a quick follow up with more happy/jolly things as a subject.

First up I have a new camera. Woo.

A new Panasonic Lumix. Shiney.

It looks like this:

I have more new things...

Yep, I finally have both the Baneblade for the Karrier and also the 6th Edition Rulebook. So far I have only flicked through looking at the pictures in the book. There is quite a lot to read.

What else have I done today? Well not much as I still feel like crap. However I hope I have solved a problem I keep getting, namely knocking over the liquid poly cement. To try and avoid losing more glue (I have probably lost about three bottles worth over the last few years) I decided to 'base' the bottle.

That should stop it tipping over.

The only other thing I managed to do today was to get some pictures using the new camera. I grabbed the Grot Kommanda and a looted wagon and snapped a few shots.

The first picture of the Grot Kommanda is above while the rest are below...keep in mind I have kept these pictures large - all I did was crop them. They therefore show the errors, mistakes and so on far more than the actual models do. I just wanted to have a play and see what the camera was like. It would of been better to do them when we had some decent daylight, but that was about two months ago so the daylight lamp has to suffice.

One Final Thing:


I have decided to run a competition revolving around the Karrier.

In the past while doing conversions people found it amusing if I kept a track record of the number of rivets I added, so I thought for this huge build I would do the same.

So the competition is this, you have a guess on the number of rivets I eventually add to the karrier with the person who is closest at the finish getting a Gun Emplacement kit as a prize.

However, to take part you will have to Follow this blog and post up your guess in any of the next three posts I do regarding the Karrier. You can change your mind providing you post your revised guess during those three posts.

* Notes - at the moment i am saying three posts, however depending how those three posts go (i.e. if not much is shown in them) I may extend it.

** You may be thinking this is just a shameless plug for the blog attempting to get people to join in for a chance of a prize, and you would be correct.


  1. hmmm... i'ma going to guess at 7,000 (sounds like a ridiculous figure, but there's got to be 100 on each of those aa turrets you made for the karrier)

  2. I reckon about 5,999.
    Random guess as above.

    Love the little grot, love the camo scheme too!

  3. Nice new camera - I really need to splash out for a new one m'self. Love the contest idea, I'm sure it's gonna be a ridiculous number of rivets! Are you going with plasticard punch-outs, or do you use model train rivets/brita filter carbons/something else?

    Looking forward to seeing the Karrier come together, your Orky creations are always inspiring!

    1. The rivets are cut from styrene rod and glued in position. So much fun to do...

  4. Jealous of the camera, and the grot commander is cute :)

    1948 is my guess

  5. Yeah I could see that beast going to 7,000 rivets easy with the detailing you do.

  6. Cheers for the comments everyone.