Saturday, 2 January 2016

GW 40th Birthday at Warhammer World

Today I went along to WHW for the 40th b'day party thing.

Not a bad day, pale in comparison to something like the FW Open Day but considering it was free it was worth going along.

As always FW were the highlight, though seeing the guys who put together the WHW gaming tables and exhibition having a stand was nice as you could chat to them about the boards/exhibits and see some WIP pictures of the exhibition.

Anyway, onto new stuff from Forge World. Pics are large (and many).

Corax & The Raven Guard.

Alpha Legion Headhunters:


I asked Tony Cottrell about this beast, current expectation - but in no way concrete and may change - is that this will be out in April for a ball park figure of £300.

Warlord Weapons -

Plasma Annihilator:

Power Fist (with built in Vulcan Mega Bolter):

AM Ordinatus, with new weapon.

Leviathan Dreadnought - New Weapon:

Red Books:

Updated Legion Book & New Crusade Imperialis book collecting Solar, Militia and Knight lists, only just gone to printers so don't expect them any time soon.

Specialist Games:

Forge World have been reorganised to some extent with Andy Hoare now head of the Specialist Games area, the first on the workbench is Blood Bowl. Expect late this year with plastic Human and Orc teams in the box with more teams in either plastic or resin to follow. The plan is FW will design the models with Citadel producing them in plastic. Whether the additional teams happen in plastic or resin (if at all) will probably depend on how well the box set does.

While they hope to cover all the old games nothing is set in stone and there is no plan currently laid out. So while they may hope to redo Epic (or some kind) in may not happen, or if it does it may be far off and come back in a different way.

Concept work by Mark Bedford (I did ask before I took pictures):

3D CAD renders of the Orc player.

That is all for pictures from me.

I picked up the new Heresy Masterclass book, if you have any questions of the contents of that feel free to ask.

(Had to edit post as I forgot the new Leviathan Dread weapon)


  1. Sweet, thanks for sharing, great pics and I love the Melta Lance and the Sunfury Plasma Annihilator, and Titan Power Claw...

    1. No worries. The power claw is pretty damn nice.

  2. What models are featured in the Heresy Masterclass book, besides what is featured on the cover? You didn't happen to hear when they would be going on sale on FW's website, did you?

    1. Sorry no idea on the date it will go on general release.

      The contents of the book are:
      Knight Styrix, Imperial Fist Falchion, Solar Auxilia Dracosan, Istvaan III board, Sons of Horus, Horus, Istvaan V board, Ferrus Manus, Fulgrim, Salamanders, Vulkan, Taking of the Contrador board (Zone Mortalis one).

  3. As usual, with FW, you feel like a kid in a candystore or in a toystore just before Christmas.

    That Mastodon looks truly massive and the new Warlord weapons are really impressive. I love the powerfist.

    Intesting news about Blood Bowl. It puts some flesh on the announcement a few months back.

    Thank you for sharing all this with us. Is anything in the works other than that for the 40th birthday?

    1. I didn't see anything, though in fairness the GW Studio was not in attendance. There was other interesting things happening but nothing regarding new/upcoming models etc. The WHW staff were there (as mentioned) and they had some computer game stuff going on (no interest to me personally), some gaming happening and an area set up for people to convert models and so on. Not an event I would have paid to attend but as a free day out it was fine.