Thursday, 28 January 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - War Altar of Nurgle 13

In the last post I said I would next work on the Militia and Bunkers.

So naturally this post is about the War Altar.

Basically after getting it out after all that time of it sitting in a box I couldn't not get some work done on it.

I decided to take the jump and finally get the bell attached to the top plate and start detailing everything up.

The metal work on the upright sections got roughed up with the dremel.

The bell also got some more attention. I did some work on it previously but now I went to town on it with the dremel and added some other textures.

This included inside the bell itself.

After that I put everything together to allow me to put cross bars across and glue the whole thing into position. The top section is still removable to make things easier.

Once that was done I moved onto detailing up the top panel.

Still very much WIP but I think you can get the idea of what I am aiming for. Different textures which tie the top panel into the rest of the War Altar. Still need to do the final third, clean some things up and add some trim as well as other details like bolt heads to hold the planking down.

Above you can see how the whole thing will sort of look once finished. The front third is panelled as that is the platform for the bell ringing mutant.

Nice to get some work on this thing done for the first time in years. I will aim to get this top section all finished up asap while also getting on with some other things.


  1. Urgh, you hatefully talented SOB. Rictus, I hate you.

    In other news I'd gladly buy one off you for the wife.

    1. I am happy to take that as a compliment.

  2. "very much WIP" still looks amazing! lol

    odd question but what dremel do you use? I have been stung with shoddy newer models....

    1. Cheers very much.

      My Dremel is a Model 395. I've had it quite some time now without any problems.


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