Sunday, 31 January 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - War Altar of Nurgle 14

Bit more progress:

As mentioned in the last post the plan was to have each third of the top plate to be different. The front  third is the wooden platform for the bell ringer, the right third is the 'deamon skin' and the left third is now done - the plan for this will be to create a 'pool' using water effects tinted to give an impression of depth (I hope). Some sort of warp pool/portal perhaps - hence the Plaguebearer arm reaching out...

All three thirds had the edging strip added which was then distressed/textured. Once that was on I could add more GS to the right third.


I attacked the cross bars with the dremel as they looked pretty crap before. After that they got a bit more texture to them as well.

With a bit of blu tac holding the bell ringer in place and a piece of rod joining him to the bell this is what the whole thing looks like at the moment:


  1. Looking good mate, I really like the contrast of textures. The ooze/pool sounds intriguing too.

  2. That is pretty darn cool. It all makes sense now seeing it on top of the tank :)


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