Sunday, 10 January 2016

Bunker Rebuild 3

Moulds done and first three casts are out.

After cleaning up the first one looks pretty good.

As you can make out there is one air bubble, on the comms unit which is a bit annoying but one air bubble on a model this size isn't too bad at all.

The roof lugs were drilled out and the lifting bars added.

Underneath you can see the stepped base I created:

Which fits into the MDF base which I cut the centre out ready to take the pillbox.

Once glued in position it got a layer of plaster and then sand was added.

Still left to do is fill the one air bubble and carve in some battle damage.

I have two more cast up but I can't do much with those until I get some more MDF.


  1. Awesome work, but to make it even better, may I suggest for the next two, a more uneven organic natural shaped base, rather than a simple circle? Love the castings, they look clean and the addition of debris and lifting bars really makes it. Spare ammo cans and discarded rifles etc. Great stuff.

    1. I understand what you are getting at but for practicality I'll be sticking to the round bases, once these are set up along with the gun emplacements, gun turrets, defensive walls and bastions space is a real problem, as such bases need to be a minimum to fit everything in.

      The bases will be getting crates, ammo boxes, gear scattered about etc so they hopefully won't look too bland.

  2. Long time no see matey!

    Looking very nice on the bunkers, wouldn't mind a few myself, haha.

    Learning to cast myself these days.

    1. Good evening, nice to see you back on here and commenting!

      It's worth picking up as it opens up a whole load of possibilities.