Sunday, 24 January 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Heralds of Nurgle 3

As promised here is the final post on the Blight King Heralds.

Only a short post is needed as there was very little that needed doing.

The two Heralds that I swapped the heads on required a little cleaning up and GS around the heads, the first of which I didn't bother getting a pic of as you can't see really what has been done. The second one though with the Daemon head I did more that is noticeable.

The only other thing I did was add a magnet and some brass rod to all five. These will allow me to swap them between the War Altar and 32mm bases. I won't bother doing the bases till I have the figures back from Sheep but I thought i'd add the magnets and rod now as I thought it would be better to do it before they were painted - minimise any chance of damaging the paint job.

Next up will be more bunker probably and getting on with the Militia heavy weapon teams.

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