Saturday, 16 January 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Heralds of Nurgle 2

Bit more work done on the Blight Kings to be used as Heralds in the Daemon army and to man the War Altar.

I decided I wasn't 100% happy with the level of corruption on the metal parts on the Blight Kings. So I took the Dremel to them to rough them up.

I also added more texture in areas using LGS, sand and other things.

The chap above now has his arms and head in place. Need to rough up the shield a bit and he will be done.

The second guy is done.

This one I was the least happy with. The staff doesn't look as good as I hoped, the left arm was a problem and I'll not sure I'm happy with it (or the shoulder pad). However most of all I'm not keen on the head one bit, I thought with a different head I may be able to live with the model as a I ripped it off and with the help of some GS I got another head (designed for a different Blight King) to fit...

While I'm still not completely happy with him I think I can live with him for now. I will have time to think on it before I send him with the others to Sheep, for now i'll tidy up around the back of the head and set him to the side.

On Big Axe I need to finish off the right hand 'weapon' - I see it more of a sign of office thing, Not sure where he puts it when he needs to use the axe, probably best not to think about it too much.

Scythe guy, decided to change the head. At first I removed the horns (just looked too much). But then decided to give him a hood which completely covered his head. However the first attempt was crap. The second attempt was not much better. So I cut the head off completely and after some cutting with the knife got a different head to fit. Prefer this one to the original one so I'm not too bothered the hood attempts ended so badly. Will need to clean up the back of his neck a bit and then he is done. You may notice I also removed the rock under his one foot, instead his base with have the rock sculpted on it.


  1. These are AWESOME. Nurgle has truly blessed you. Big axe guy is f'ing sweet!

    1. Cheers. Same here, Big Axe Man is the best of them.

  2. Nurgle is our God ! ^^

    I wish you a good painting.