Saturday, 23 January 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Another Day, Another Post.

Bit of a filler post today, mainly to keep the momentum of posting up.

I had a parcel arrive yesterday from Black Library. I found myself last weekend ordering a couple of books on the spur of the moment:

Nice book with some great pictures. Slip case is a nice touch but I'm not sure it was really worth £40 mind. I suppose that is what you have to pay for (GW) limited edition stuff.

Also picked up Garro as it was getting close to being sold out.

Not long ago I picked up these other two limited editions. Finally got round to reading them this week. Enjoyed both, the second is probably the more important story but the first had some nice insights and characters.

I've not had much time this week for models, though I wasn't completely lazy as I did get some moulds and casting done for someone...

Check out the Sales page if you are interested...

Last weekend I ended up paying a visit to Warhammer World. Nothing really to report but while sitting in Bugmans waiting for food to arrive I asked someone to take a pic of the new tattoo, keep in mind normally you would be seeing this 180 degrees to the pic...

I like eyes.

To finish here are some blogs which I recently started following:

The Autoforge

Ex Profundis

Hobby Time


That'll do for now. Next up will be a final post on the Blight King Heralds.


  1. Thanks for the follow Rictus, sick tattoo!

  2. 'Someone'.


    So do you think its really worth keeping up with every ltd edition and short story and novella within the HH?

    1. Yup, 'someone'.

      No, definitely not. Worth picking up any which appeals but in each of them will eventually come out in anthologies etc for a lot less money. Most are not important for the full story arc but add some nice sideline touches.


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