Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Heralds and the War Altar

So it was back in July that I last built a model (not including repairing a few Militiaman or the bunker) and it was December 2014 the last time I did anything on behalf of Papa embarrassing.

Tonight's post bring both of those up to the present time.

War Altar of Nurgle (aka WAoN) 12

As mentioned in the post a few days ago one thing that I wanted to do over the next month or so was get the War Altar out to take stock of it and decide what I wanted to do.

I checked and it was August 2011 the last time I did anything on the WAoN. That is pretty bad.

This is how it currently looks:

At the rear we have the 'power plant'.

And at the front we have the main platform.

To go on there I have these two old classic Nurgle figures:

To go on the other platforms I have a number of Nurgle figures and Nurglings, for example I have a couple of the FW Plague Toad riders...

The magnetised Rot Cannon and Demolisher Cannon.
After getting it out I definitely want to finish this monster off.

So the first thing I will do it sort out that top bell assembly which means doing the bell and structure itself along with the top plate above the demolisher cannon turrets.

(New) Heralds of Nurgle 1

At the 40th B'day thing at Warhammer World I picked up a box of Blight Kings at half price (should have bought more, just for bits).

My idea is to use some of these as Heralds for my Deamon army. I already have four, but as you can take four in each HQ choice I can potentially field eight of the little buggers.

So I started putting these together over the last couple of evenings. It is a very nice kits with lots of options, though the bits are generally designed to fit one particular body so swapping bits between bodies needs a bit of work.

Starting with the guy who will have the most conversion work here are the current state of the 'kings.

I didn't particularly like either of the front bodies you get for this guy. I took the one I liked the most and made a few adjustments. Originally this is meant to have a tentacle thing coming from his stomach and have weird hook like flesh below his belly. Instead I did some GS guts inside and rounded off the belly with GS. Undecided on his right arm at the moment.

The guy below is stock straight out of the box, because he has a scythe. Why would I want to change anything?

The remaining three are early stages, bodies are together but I am yet to add the arms. Guy on right is going to have the massive axe, because a massive axe is awesome (blu tac in place at moment). The one in the middle is likely to get an axe and shield combo, though they don't fit that body front piece so I'll need to do some converting to get it all to fit. The fellow on the left is likely to get a staff/icon piece.

My plan is all five will not get bases just yet. All of my Heralds (on foot anyway) are based on rock bases. This was originally due to the first two being painted by Sheep many years ago and I needed to rebase them to suit the Daemon bases and the easiest way without damaging or ruining the paint job was to fix them to rock bases.

One of the original Heralds painted by Sheep on his new rock base.
Now with these guys I am going to be sending them to Sheep to paint. I am going to stick with the rock bases for three reasons - 1. it helps Sheep getting to all the areas to paint, 2. it matches the existing Heralds and 3. I plan to use these ones as multi-purpose Heralds. I will magnetise them so that they can either be dropped on 30mm rock bases for the Deamon army or be dropped onto the War Altar as travelling Heralds/Priests/Guards.

For example the Blight King which will (probably) have a shield and axe will be a handy Guard at the front of the Altar protecting the wizened priest:

That is enough for now...

If that has wetted your appetite for all things Bubonic check out The Convertorum who has been producing some excellent Nurgle models of late including some great looking Blight Kings (which I may have to blatantly steal ideas from...).


  1. I've little interest in Fantasy but I was well aware of the success of the Nurgle Champion for a lot of folks and when the Blight Kings came out I hoped it was GW finally making a decision based on their customers - 'Hey, design studio, see this Nurgle model we've got? Well we sell bucketloads of the chap, so we were thinking can you do some similar ones that will sell like hot cakes too?' And you managed to get them half price! I think even I'd have cracked onto them if I'd been at the birthday bash.

  2. Loving that wicked awesome conversion on the tank!

  3. Cheers for all of the comments.


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