Thursday, 7 January 2016

Recalcitrant Daze - Coming Months

It may not have slipped your notice but over the last few months things have been very quiet on RD, I’ve barely touched a model and most of the posts I have made have been concerning events rather than any hobby I have done myself.

I don’t think things have particularly changed of late; I am still struggling to get started on anything. The bunker I can just about manage (for some reason terrain has always felt different to working on other models). I have decided I need to force myself into doing something to see if that sparks it all off.

So I have put together a short list I want to look at/work on over the next 1-2 months (in no particular order):

Deamons – get at least one unit finished that is currently PIP so that the force gets moving again. Currently in the PIP stage are a Blight Drone, the Plague Drones, three Nurgling bases and Scabby. There are a few others just undercoated (and one Decimator unbuilt).

Scabby in his current state.
    Blight Kings – I picked up a box at half price at the B’day event last weekend. The plan is to use some of these as new Heralds for the Daemons. The potential in the kit will hopefully be a hook I can hang myself on.

    Nice looking kit.
    Militia Infantry – get the remaining figures finished and shipped to Sheep ASAP.

    One of the HW team to re-do.

    War Altar of Nurgle & Weirdboy Battle Tower – Get these out and decide what to do with them - either continue with the build in the future or get them shifted. It would be nice to either get these finished or get them out of the storage cupboard. I can see the former being finished and kept and the latter either going now or being finished and then going.

    The Weirdboy Battle Tower,
    been a while since this was worked on.

    Inq28/Inquisimunda – the first models for the planned warbands. 

    The tub of FW Show Only figs,
    the base of hopefully two warbands.

    Terrain – specifically my Realm of Battle boards which are nearly finished…

    Two of the converted RoB boards
    which need finishing off.

    Pillboxes – …though I will start with getting some of these cast and based this weekend.

    The Pillbox, currently in the casting process.

    Hopefully after a couple of months I’ll have ticked off all those things as achieved (not going to happen). I am not going to say that list is set in stone as I fully intend to change things if something comes up that I want to do, after all the aim is to get back into working on models so as long as that is achieved I'm not too fussed what models I end up actually working on as long as progress is made I shall be satisfied.

    In the middle of this two month period I will be attending the Horus Heresy Weekender which will be somewhat distracting and you never know what I may come back with...

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