Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Mekboy Junka 22

Just a quick update tonight as I doubt i'll be able to do much till the weekend.

Working on the sponsons, in the end went for the favourite of looting some Leman Russ sponsons. I pondered some sort of Predator like remote weapon but I just didn't think it would look right sticking a Marine inspired thing onto the Junka when everything else is Guard based.

It is still very much WIP with more details to be added and as you can see it is just blu-tac'd to the vehicle at the moment.

I think this is as far back as I will put it, further forward and it'll be cramped around the support arm, further back and it'll look odd I think and also fill the gap where I was planning to put the exhausts.

I added 4mm to the depth of the sponson, partly to ensure the gun didn't shoot into the rear of the Deff Rolla supports and partly so it looked like a Grot would be able to fit into it.

I still need to add a hatch at the back (a Grot flap perhaps).

You may notice in the pictures that the support arms have gained another detail...I forgot to add something before taking pictures for the last update. The washer & nut have been added to show where the arm is attached to the hull. They were (like other bits) recycled from the GW support arms.

Like I said I doubt I'll get any more one on the Junka till the weekend, however with the Meet Up coming up quickly I will probably be turning my eye to things for that so the Junka will go on the back burner briefly.


  1. Really like the attention to detail on this model. I hadn't originally noticed the green stuff weld lines...really really sweet detail there!


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