Sunday, 12 October 2014

Mekboy Junka 18 - First step on the road...

So my first Ork build in ten months or so.

So to begin I knocked up a couple of sketches and did a few mock ups.

So the plan is widen the deff rolla, build up the hull and interchangeable turrets - one with a SAG, the other with a KFF.

The three Big Shootas will be mounted in a forward hull point by the driver and in two sponsons.

The mock ups are just to get an idea of the general design, the sponsons may be LR ones, scratchbuilt or based around a different tanks sponsons.

The turret size will be determined by the SAG, it needs to be clear of the hull and anything sticking up from it. The KFF may be domed shape, it may not...again just knocking ideas around.

So once the customer was happy with the general direction I started cutting up the Chimera and building the basic kit. I also began building the hull up:

I had to carve away the flotation tanks and a few other bits on the side panels to allow me to add the Orky plates. I won't be detailing the sides up until the sponsons are built and the Deff Rolla sorted. No point adding details only to then have to remove them later.

I also carved away all the details on the top panel and flattened it off. It will give me a solid, flat surface to work on.

I cut away the front and started to build the drivers cab and the position for the forward gun position. The forward Big Shoota will be mounted in a small turret. The washer you can see is because the mini turret is magnetised.

Top left is the beginning of the mini turret.

So the Junka has started, but there is a shed load left to do yet...


  1. Sweeeeet. I always love seeing your mad orky creations, man!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how the front turns out

  3. Oh man the turret is going to be so boss!!!!


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