Sunday, 19 October 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Plaguebearers 8

I wanted to get these three finished yesterday but due to A. a headache and B. IA13 arriving I didn't touch them at all.

Today I was therefore determined today to get them done.

'Them' are of course the last three Plaguebearers I have.

Last minute I decided to redo the banner poles white. The brown they originally were just looked very flat and boring. I decided to redo them white so they nicely tie in with the tree on the Blight Drone base.

I think the white looks far better than the old brown was.

Now the hands on the one banner pole I will return to at some point. I'm not happy with them but I am undecided what to do instead. I will wait until after I do the tree terrain I have as the one tree is covered in hands...

Others could have done them better but frankly they are good enough for me. I now have three full 10 man squads finished. This is surprisingly considering my past record with painting armies (i.e. I don't).

The core of the army - Plaguebearers and Beasts are now finished...

...or they would be if I hadn't just bought another Toad off ebay. The thought of a 7 beast squad was so right I had to.


  1. Thumbs up on your hand tree. That's a perfectly creepy & fun idea to go with the army.


    1. Cheers, I did the tree about five years ago, I really should get round to painting them all..

  2. Nice job. I hear you on the painting. Though I always feel great when I get a squad done.

    1. Cheers. Have to agree, finishing a squad certainly gives a big boost (and feeling of relief).


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