Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Mekboy Junka 20

A bit more progress has been made.

The core of the hull build has been done, onto this more will be built. Also added the track covers.

I've not added any more detail to the front yet. I'll come back to that front flat area later - no point adding anything that might be fiddly to it yet as I am still handling it roughly as I build the main components.

As you can see in the pictures I angled the rear, this was to give it a more interesting shape and also give me more room up top for later. The Chimera rear hatch got recycled as the Mek and his krew need to be able to get in and out, I also used the Chimera hatch up top. No krew will be added as they would just get hit round the head by the SAG.

Unusually for me I am not doing all the detail as I go along. I thought I would crack on with the main building work at the beginning and come back later to detail up. This has meant things have gone quickly so far, but may also mean I'll have a bitch of a job later with potentially hundreds of rivets to do in one sitting...


  1. So far I love it : the general shape of the hull,the rear-mounted track guards and the angled hatch.

    The vehicle gives off a feeling of being massive and very orky already, even if it's only a Chimera hull. Can't wait to see how the turret will turn out and all the details.

    Really great!

    1. Glad you like it!

      Always a relief to hear the customer is enjoying seeing the build.