Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Bearers & Beasts...continued

So while I do sketches and small mock ups of the Junka to discuss the design with the customer I have continued with the Daemons. Only once I start the actual build will I begin to do updates on RD.

Plaguebearers 7

Another three are done! Only got the standard bearers to do now. They were the three out of the PIP ones I had I was the least happy with when it came to the paint jobs, the standards just seemed lacking. But anyway here are the three musicians...

Beast of Nurgle 5

Along with the 'bearers I carried on with the Beasts and got the last two done...

So the whole unit together...

I would actually like a seventh to round off the unit in a very Nurgley way.


  1. Great work again. Loving those toads. Nurgle armies are some of the coolest looking in 40k

    1. Cheers. Aye the toads are very nice, i'd be very hard pushed not to buy more if I spot some on ebay again.