Friday, 17 October 2014

Mekboy Junka 19

I wanted to get a bit more done by now but alas work has took up too much of my time but as I want to get back to the Daemons over the weekend I thought I'd get an update up now.

The front is getting there, not a huge amount left to do. Still need to finish off the top area and add a bit more detailing.

Didn't want the front to become too slab like, though as this will have the Deff Rolla in front of it you wouldn't have noticed probably either way.

Spent an age trying to decide what to do for the drivers window/view port. Need to add something to that flat area on the right, thinking of a light made from the one that comes from the Chimera.


  1. Looking nice. Really like the look of that front end.

  2. The driver's side looks nicely blocky and orky

    I agree with you that the flat side on the ride needs a little something extra


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