Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - Stuff

Due to work and a headache I’ve not touched the Junka (or anything else) for a couple of days.

So for no real reason I thought I would do one of those posts I used to do monthly (in the grim and dark past).  A nothing in particular rambling affair, so feel free to skip if you so desire.

Still here? Let us begin.

Meet Up:

In a couple of weeks it will be the next meet up for myself, Mealstrom and Nife. We are all plodding along trying to get more things painted in time. I hope to get another unit or two finished of the Daemons, hope is a fickle thing though...You have seen what I have knocked out recently but to see what the other two might be bringing along pop along to Occasional Artwork  and The Rising Sign

Nife's latest WIP
Maelstroms Tau Thingy

Talking of people plodding along another member of our little group, Sheep, who uses the excuse of being on a different continent to not attend our meet ups (pathetic, I know) has resurfaced with some new terrain. Well worth a look here Forlorn Hope

Sheep's big head hills.

As part of the meet up we will be going to the IPMS Model Show. As in previous years I’ll be taking the camera so expect some pictures to appear on RD.

Dark Future.

At the meet up I am determined to get a game in of Dark Future after I bought the game off ebay a earlier in the year. Never had chance at the last two meet ups.

At some point then in the next two weeks I need to build the cars.

And read the rules. Hmm.


So if I haven’t been touching models what have I spent my time doing? Well the answer to that this evening was carving foam to give my Plague Hulk and Decimators some protection...

As you can see there is plenty of spare room in there for more. Let’s face it, we all know the Daemons will continue to grow so best make sure I have some spare room for them to grow into. 

What I really want is a new GUO, I have the old one but it is a shite sculpt. With all these End Times release I was hoping for new Greater Daemons but alas even amongst these big Nurgle kits we have no GUO. Fingers crossed...

There isn't much else I could really add, FW only has the Giant Spawn (which i'm not keen on) and in the GW range there is the Soulgrinder, but that doesn't really fit the force...unless I convert it heavily.

Getting a game in.

I also got a couple of games in at the weekend. The Daemons got a game of Zone Mortalis in, and they were cruelly robbed of victory after a single bloody Terminator survived. 1000 point game against Space Wolf Terminators, Grey Knight Terminators and an Inquisitor in Termie armour backed up by a Dreadnought...all were taken by Papa Nurgle except for just one lone Termie. Cruel and unjust...

No pictures but I also got a game of Dreadball in, the Robot team (who still lack a name) took victory by once again grabbing a score in their first turn. No more points were scored...though I so nearly pulled off a maximum score in the last turn.

Paint Rack.

I decided to go in for the Massive Voodoo paint rack. At the moment my paints are spread across my desk and several boxes. Makes painting a real chore when you can't find anything and most of the time you don't even know what you have.

I won't get it till December but I hope it will help push me to keep painting things, first the Daemons and then who knows what...

I hope to get back to the Junka for the next couple of evenings, I am out Friday night for a Halloween gig (five bands on the bill, should be good) so I could do with getting some work in by then. The aim will be to get the sponsons done.

Expect an update this Thursday...if none appears it'll be over the weekend.


  1. Does the paint rack slide in and out? If so, that's awesome! Man that is a nice Dark eldar Haemy (i know it's the rarkath guy, but I can't spell anything involving DE). That does't look like the easiest model to paint, as I'm sure it's all sculpted into one large blob of metal/finecast. (like the techmarines).

    I'm still searching for a good transport for my ork stuff. The stompa really just ruins my transport capability...

    1. Yeah the middle shelf comes out for ease of access when in use and good storage when not.

      Nife is a bit of a show off...he just needs to finish more things...

      I use KR and Feldherr cases, both have a very good range of sizes of cases and foam options. I'm sure one of them will have something suitable for a Stompa. With the amount we spend on models and time put in we should always invest in good cases for transport and storage.

  2. Hey Rictus, been reading through your blog and almost caught up to your recent posts, it's been a real treat for me these last few weeks/months.

    I'm a bit confused about you wanting a new GUO though, don't you have the FW one "Scabby"? I would have to disagree about it being a shite sculpt, unless of course your referring to the GW one, then i wholeheartedly agree!

    Keep up the great work mate, you're a real inspiration.

    1. Thanks very much, welcome to RD.

      Yeah I mean the GW GUO. Scabby is a great model but too big to use as a regular GUO in normal games. Though with the size of the new 'thirster I think any new GUO will probably be too big.