Sunday, 26 October 2014

Mekboy Junka 21

I have been plodding away with the Junka, not done an update till now due to wanting to get the thing I was working on finished.

That thing was the Deff Rolla.

I took the GW Deff Rolla, assembled it then removed all of the details - plates, rivets and spikes, before cutting it in half and widening it by adding internal support (just strips of offcut styrene) then bulking out the gap.

Then it got plated and riveted up...

The GW support arms were cut up and contributed parts to new support arms. Main part of the arm is some H beams I trimmed down to form C beams. Extra beams were then added in for strength with GS weld lines.

Naturally they are magnetised for ease of transport and painting.

And in place it looks like this...

Now the Deff Rolla is done I can go back and finish the sides, including the sponsons.

Alas I also have to change the drivers vision slit as it just doesn't quite see over the deff rolla...


  1. I'm still envious of your plasticard skills!

    It's looking good so far!

  2. This is looking fantastic. That is a lovely deff rolla. Man that plasticard rivet work. You are a dedicated individual :).

  3. Sorry, why exactly do you have to move the vision slit? It's orky for things not to seem quite right yet somehow work anyway :P

    I can imagine an ork driving this, as a mek on top bellows "GO DAT WAY" while pointing... not that the driver can see him either naturally. The driver is just amused by the fact that a 5' long 3' wide grot keeps flashing up past his view on the underside of the deffrolla, and floors the accelerator to try to catch up with the tempting snack... :P

  4. Man - you are just a genius when it comes to orky construction. I love seeing your mad creations come together!


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