Sunday, 5 October 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Bearers & Beasts

In the week I have had back at home after my holiday the most I had managed to do before today was starting to de-sprue bits for the Orky build. Alas work has taken up much of my time.

But now it's the weekend so I got back to playing with toys again.

Today I have mainly been painting Daemons...

Plaguesbearers 6

As I stated in the last post I want to get some of the PIP models finally finished off, so with that I started on the Plaguebearers I ave had in a PIP state for ages.

The first four are now done.

I still have the three standards and three musicians to do.

Beasts of Nurgle 4

As well as finishing off those 'bearers I decided to bring some variety in and I tackled the first of the new batch of toads.

One down, two more to go - which are now in the very early stages of PIP.

Giant Spined Beast 4

I also got the base done for this fellow.

So overall not a bad day, it turned out surprisingly productive.

With that in mind here is the updated State of Play.

A bit more green and best of all a bit more blue.

Tomorrow will be mainly an Orky day...


  1. Great work! Everything look fantastic. That base is awesome!

    1. Cheers. Just need to tackle the monster to go on it now...