Sunday, 2 November 2014

Mekboy Junka 23

So in a weekend where I wasn't working on the Junka I ended up working on the Junka.


Both are now built, but i've not glued them in place yet. Added a little camera/sensor thing above the gun for the Grot to see what he is shooting at.

And added some hatches at the back for a Grot to squeeze himself into the sponson.

One risk there was in adding the sponsons was making the vehicle look to wide, but with the elongated hull top and the deff rolla in place I think the balance is good, without the sponsons I think it would actually look too thin and long.

As you can see above I've pulled the drivers hatch plate off but i've not got round yet to adding a new one that can see over the deff rolla better.

Also yet to do is look at adding some spikes to the rolla, I may wait for a bit to do this, no need to add them now so might as well mull over how to do it.

Both Big Shootas are of course magnetised.

Next thing for the Junka will be to glue the sponsons in place and continue with the side detailing, there is plenty to do on those, also need to do that drivers hatch.

However with the Meet Up starting this Friday I won't be touching the Junka till next week (Tuesday at the earliest). Need to get on with Meet Up stuff now, only got four, well three actually, evenings to work on things. Painting of Daemons is out, need to build some Dreadball robots and fingers crossed some Dark Future cars.


  1. Progress is so fantastic! Please drill out the shoota barrels before everything is put into place :).

  2. Sponsons look nice. And year, deffrolla definitely needs some spikes.