Saturday, 15 November 2014

Recalcitrant Daze - and the tumbleweed rolled lazily across the road.

So things have gone quiet.

This is down to two reasons:

1. Work has been a bitch.
2. I'm ill.

So what time I have had free has seen me in no state to be able to work on anything.

So time for a filler post.

At the model show last weekend I picked up a few bits:

New brushes, clippers and circle cutter. Plus below you can see I stocked up on rubber and resin and picked up some little mixing pots. Just because I liked them.

My seventh (and final) Toad has arrived. As you can see he has a broken horn so I'll have to do something about that when I do a bit of conversion work on him.

What else has happened model wise I hear you ask?

Well I pre-ordered Conquest last Monday so that will be hear in a couple of weeks so that should be a good read. No doubt I'll post something up on here about it.

I've also pre-ordered tickets to the Heresy Weekender for February next year. That has been excellent on the previous two occasions they've had it so I am looking forward to that.

I am hoping to get a proper update up in the week, i've got my fingers crossed that I am in a better state to be able to get back to the Junka.

Until then.

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