Monday, 24 November 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus Icon 1

So I decided to go for a quick, small project before getting back into more involved hobby work. Something quick and easy to 'get my eye in' as it were. And something which wouldn't give me a (literal) headaches which most things seem to at the moment.

A while back I picked up a Forge World Adeptus Mechanicus Icon piece off ebay. I am 99% certain it is actually a recast going by the resin used and the quality of the casting.

Above is what it should have looked like. Below you can see what it actually looked like...

You can see lots of miscasts, cables are all rubbish and many details are lost or obscured and the thinner parts of the eye socket and nose walls are missing. Air bubbles in the mould have left some areas of clean up and one part of the cog border actually sags down.

I have always wanted one of these, no idea why as I have no real use of it, but I decided to have a try at rescuing the piece.

So first off I removed a lot of the details...

I ended up having to remove a bit more resin as I went along rebuilding everything.

After a days work I have ended up with this finished piece (though after I undercoat it I may go back and do some clean up work which is required).

Quite happy in the end how it turned out.

Not sure what to do with it, probably hold on till I can incorporate it into some terrain.


  1. I would suggest possibly making a mold of it, so you can make some more :).

  2. The grill on the mechanical eye never made sense to me, so I've changed the thing as well. Although I'm yet to use it in terrain-building.

  3. I feel this would be a great detail that could be added to scatter terrain for zone mortalis, or possibly part of a cool gateway of some sort. If it could be made to split in half on either side of a bulkhead that would be awesome. Just a thought.

    1. Aye if I ever manage to get the Zone Mortalis board built it will get some use for certain.

  4. I'd use it as a floor seal or depending its size, as a gate.

    Very cool repair work.

  5. Nice mods, I particularly like the cabling and the work on the eye.

  6. Cheers for the comments, always appreciated.


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