Monday, 1 December 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus Icon 2

So the last week has been another quiet one with me still being in no state to do any real model work.

As such I only managed to keep my eye in by working on the Adeptus Mechanicus icon.

I gave the icon an undercoat to help highlight any areas which needed more work. I spotted some things which needed to be worked on more, such as the sunken area round the edge and around the eye and nose.

The icon then got another undercoat...

At this point there wasn't much else I could do but do a mould and get a cast done:

Few air bubbles in the mould which was annoying but no problem to clean them up on the cast itself.

Plan is to turn a couple of these into rubble for bases. Plus when (I say when but 'if' would be more appropriate) I build city fight and Zone Mortalis boards these will come in very handy.

Now there is a chance I will get asked the question so I will say now I won't be selling any casts.


  1. Lovely! I dig the updated sculpt - good stuff, man!

  2. The updated sculpt is great, and I'm glad you were able to make a mould after all that hard work!


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