Saturday, 6 December 2014

Adeptus Mechanicus Icon 3 - Basing Up

While I am now feeling a lot better than I was I am finding I still have little time to do any hobby stuff due to work annoyingly taking over.

All I have managed is the odd half hour here or there on a couple of mini-projects.

The first one is trying out the AdMech icon I cast up on a base.

I thought about having the icon popping out of some rubble, so I set about knocking one up.

By angling the mould you can get some part casts which are perfect for that half buried look...

All they need is a quick sand for a flat base and then they can glue them in place onto a base (a mini or a terrain base).

After an undercoat it looks like this:

Considering how quick I knocked it up with really very little care I think it looks decent enough. With more time spent putting one together I think the part angled casts will be perfect for this sort of thing.

It is now going to go into a box as I've got no use for it, I only built it as I wanted to see how the casts would turn out. I don't use the big flyer oval bases for my aircraft and I don't have any use for a rubble base so this is a bit unneeded to say the least.


  1. I love it, thanks for sharing! I hope work doesn't sap too much hobby energy :)

  2. Wow man, I really need to get my casting stuff back from my friend's place 2.5 hours away. Did you use a Lego mold again?

    1. Yep Lego, can't beat it for doing the mould boxes.

  3. Great use of the moulds to add interest to a terrain piece. Really looks great. I love when you hit bases with that first prime coat...suddenly it all works so wonderfully!


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