Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Ogryn Renegade Berserkers 1

I'm ill.


So i'm stuck in the same limbo I thought I was getting out of, I'm either working or in no state to work on models.

This is a bit frustrating as I've got the Junka shouting at me to work on it and the Daemons needing a lick of paint or two.

On top of that I have an actual game planned for the Xmas break where the Daemons will be teaming up with some Militia for a 5500 point Apocalypse game against some Nids.

I really want to give the Ogryn a run out so I have decided to get them built enough to at least be usable.

Here is the first Oggie...

I had to cut up his weapon, drill & dremel out his hands and rebuilt it all with some brass rod.

The weapon head isn't glued on yet as I need to detail it up - starting with some spikes riveted on.

main reason to break up the weapon was that the hands wouldn't line up with the arms originally. Now they meet up correctly, need to do a bit of GS gap filling yet.

Not glued in yet but you can see how it all comes together.

Still plenty to do on him yet, cleaning up, replacing pipes, GS gaps, detailing weapon...

I also put together the doggies, bar a couple of legs. For the game they will probably just be temporarily attached to their bases.

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  1. Hold steady! You'll get it all done. Just keep chipping away at once project!