Friday, 2 January 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - Ho Hum.

Another post which starts with me saying I am ill. I’m not going to go into details but basically my entire Christmas break has been a write off.

I haven’t touched a single model, not the Junka, any of the Daemons or my Militia.

I had to cancel the games that I had planned including what would have been my first Apocalypse game in years (what a bitch).

So here I am with nothing model wise to show.

I could do one of those yearly review types of posts, but to be honest I can’t be arsed with that. Ditto when it comes to doing one looking forward to the year ahead.

Instead here are some blogs which I recently started following and which are all worth taking a long hard look at.

Metatyrant - Some truly awesome converting, sculpting and painting. 
Between the Bolter and Me - Again great converting on offer, this time for Inq28 and a host of other armies/games.
thenickeninja’s blog - Some inspiring painting and some of the best Necromunda terrain I have ever seen.

All three of the blogs above I discovered thanks to another new blog – The Eternal Hunt

The Gate of Gemana - Epic is what first drew me to this blog but it is well worth exploring the other areas (thanks to Epic Addiction for adding the blog to his blogroll so I could get to see it).
Realm of Chaos 80’s - Full of things that take me back to the old days...

I am sure I have shown the ones below before, but a. they are worth mentioning again and b. I can’t be certain without going through god knows how many posts on RD (and I can’t be arsed doing that).

Officio Convertorum - Outstanding kitbashing and converting with the result of models with real character.
40K Hobby Blog - Don’t let the title deceive you, there is more than just 40K on this excellent blog.
A Galaxy in Flames - Great models and some truly inspiring terrain (I want that city fight board).
Lil Legend Studio - Just go and look.
The Painting Bunker - From Epic to 40k Titans to stunning gaming boards.

And to finish the three members of the 'sort-of-group' I am part of who have (active) blogs..
Forlorn Hope - Sheep's hangout.
Nife's Blog of Occasional Artwork - Nife's abode, obviously.
The Rising Sign - Home of Maelstrom.

I think that is enough for now.


  1. I hope you are feeling a little better. I am looking forward to seeing your work in 2015.

    Thanks for the links, they showcase really impressive models, far beyond my own skills.

    1. Cheers. Always worth sharing peoples work and inspiring blogs.

  2. Woo! More awesome blogs to follow! Hope you get better and have a great new year!

    1. Cheers. They are definitely worth following, glad you like them.