Saturday, 24 January 2015

Zone Mortalis 6 - A New Start

So inside those big boxes were...

...more boxes...

...but inside those we have 25 Zone Mortalis gaming boards, enough for a 5' x 5' gaming area.

Not shown are the doors.

Militiaman Frank having a look round the new digs.

I have one board with a bit of damage on, if it was inside the board rather than on the edge it would be easily solved but being on the edge makes it awkward. I'll have to sort it out.

Now you may remember I had plans to make my own Zone Mortalis board. Just before Christmas I decided to really look into what was possible and work out some costs.

This broke down into costs for 3D prints, boards, moulds and resin as well as expected number of casts required.

I then compared this to the cost of buying the Forge World boards.

It may surprise people to find that Forge World were cheaper. A lot cheaper.

Also I worked out I would have had to have done a couple of hundred casts to make the floor and walls. I just haven't got time for that, it would have taken all year to do and cost me £200-300 more than buying the FW boards.

I know I would have enjoyed designing my own version and it would have opened up opportunities of doing some one off special boards but the fact is it just wouldn't be worth it.

You may remember my original set up for playing ZM games was using cast pillars and cardboard walls/doors...

This was a great way to try out Zone Mortalis games and to see if I wanted to invest in a more permanent set up, I would never have spent this much money on a FW board without playing all those games using the set up above. The old casts and walls are now with a friend so that we can still play ZM at his place (no way can I cart the FW boards around).

I of course mention this in passing and in no way to encourage people to buy a Pillar Mould...

One thing the old set up has over the new set up is that all of those pillars and walls took up less storage space than one FW panel, hence me spending so much time recently trying to open up more storage space in the spare room...I may need to do some more work in that area...


  1. A very cool purchase! I hope you enjoy it all : )

    1. I'll definitely enjoy playing on them...not so sure about painting them all...

  2. Truly awesome dude. So what your saying is you need someone to take your old ZM stuff off of your hands...

    1. Ah no, my mate has already had them off me.

  3. Really awesome! Also very interesting that 3d printing was more expensive! I really like those pillar moulds...Bookmarking for later purchase!

    1. The 3D prints would have been a very small part of the cost, the resin would have been the big expenditure.