Monday, 26 January 2015

Bridges 1

So while I spent the weekend finishing off my desk and sorting/organising gear in the spare (aka Hobby) room I opened a box to find some bridges I last worked on five and a half years ago...though I did briefly have them out of their box when I was working on the Realm of Battle River Panels

As I had spent so long moving, repacking and so on I decided a minor distraction was called for to work on these.

Originally I planned to keep these very modular and not glue them together, doing that meant I could field on longer than normal - however I decided I was just never going to do that as my rivers only need the standard length of bridge.

My plan was also to come up with a joining strip to allow the bridges to be fielded as one extra wide bridge. But I've now decided I can't be arsed with all that. The bridges are wide enough for a super heavy already so it hardly matters.

As you can see in the pics back in July 2009 I added some lights to the bridges. I admit when I glued the bridges together yesterday I glued them together wrong...the lights were meant to be at opposite corners to each other...oops.

I added a new element to them in that at the bottom of each pole I mounted a ball bearing and inside each bracket I added a magnet.

I plan on adding a little more 40k feel to them by adding something to each corner of each bridge, options currently are:

They are now back in their box. Hopefully to see the light of day again sometime before 2020.

Back to the Junka...


  1. Nice really like these! Are they scratch built or bought??

    1. Bought. All I can remember is that they are called 'Technobridges'. No idea now where I bought them from or who built them.

    2. Pretty sure they are Pegasus hobbies?

      I dig the bridges and lights on one side only makes way more sense from a wiring standpoint so I think it is for the best!

    3. That's the one, just did a quick search and you are right. Technobridge by Pegasus Hobbies, Amazon actually sells them now...

  2. I love what you did with the light posts! I have 2 of those bridges and love them.

    1. Thanks very much. I'd have to agree the bridges are very good kits, especially considering the price.


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