Thursday, 22 January 2015

Mekboy Junka 26

Another update, shocking I know.

Track guards riveted up...

And up top more has been done:

As you can see the base of the turret area is done, the washer and tube have been set in place to form the locating lug for the turret and also the means of it staying in place through the use of magnets.

The first 'turret' option is under way, namely the KFF.

Above is the 'turret base', a 25mm base with magnets mounted in it, glued to this is a 1mm styrene disc. A tube is mounted in place and which is used to slot onto the locating lug in the hull shown above.

I've gone with the domed KFF turret as I sketched up in the original designs. Half a ping pong ball will form the core of the turret, this will of course be plated up and become much more Orky. Two 40mm bases form the base of the dome. The lower base has a clearance hole cut into it to go over the 'turret base central tube' shown above, the inner 40mm base has a hole which tightly fits over this same tube. The final shot (bottom right) shows the 'turret base' glued in place.

The turret assembly snugly fits in place.

Lot to do on the KFF yet, lots of plating and the techny-no-wots to add.


  1. Can't wait to see the tekno-wotnot on the KFF

  2. Where do you source the deck plate style plastic sheet? I have been looking for something similar for model basing but am struggling.

    Great work BTW

    1. You can get it from many online stores that sell model supplies including styrene sheet.

      I most commonly get it from 4D Modelshop though:

      Hope that helps.