Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mekboy Junka 25

Managed to get some time in on the Junka last night. I hoped to get more time on it but alas we had the smallest amount of snow fall, no naturally the road system fell apart and it took me four times as long to get home after work.

But I did get some work done...

Drivers area had some work, decided to scrap the visor type arrangement and go with a camera/periscope type of affair. Bit more techy for a Mekboy and matches the details on the mini turret and sponsons.

Think I've decided how to add some spikes to the roller, but need to sort some bits first - and possibly do a mould.

I started building up and detailing the top area - soon i'll start on the turret & KFF.

On the one side I added some Dags and minor details.

And what it looks like at the moment:

Determined to get some more time on this before the end of the week and at the weekend, so there should be more updates incoming.


  1. Absolutely lovely plasticard work here. That is so much's all done so cleanly too!

  2. Really nice progress. I like the feel of the vehicle from the overall pictures and your attention to the little details.

    Speaking of which, the periscope is a nice change but do you intend to return to the right part of the front of the vehicle or is it definitive?

    1. I will definitely be going back to that area to finish it off, once I work out what to do there. I was going to mount a light there but it would look daft due to the Deff Rolla almost completely covering it up.

  3. That's great ! awesome work for this unique model ! lovely stuff :)