Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Shipping Container 1

I am slowly getting over whatever crap I have had for the last 'x' weeks.

Hopefully this weekend I will actually be in a state of touching a model (shocking I know).

In the meantime I managed to spend a couple of hours doing some quick mock ups of something I have been looking to do for a while.

Mainly for use on a Zone Mortalis board I have wanted some large shipping containers to give some cover in large rooms big enough to block LOS easily.

So with some card and foamboard we have the mock up for the size:

Big enough for an Ogryn to stand up.

The standard size will be 150mm long.

From here I did some very quick 3D models to show how I plan to build this thing.

Basically the main body would be made up out of 'rings' which join up to make the full length, I want to do it this way to allow me to vary the length but also to keep costs down and make it easier to cast the pieces up. At each end would be an end plate incorporating a door.

Keep in mind no details have been done yet - this is just basic shapes, I'll be starting from a clean slate when I come to do the proper model.

The interior will be detailed up and the door will be removable (hinged possibly?) to give the option of having the container open.

This won't be a quick turnaround (due to not having the time to throw at it) and it won't be cheap to get it off the ground due to the 3D printing costs.

However if people are interested in maybe picking up some casts it is more likely to happen sooner rather than later.

If your interest has been peaked let me know below.

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  1. Glad you are feeling first when you said shipping container, I thought you were shipping your models :).
    Interested to see how the print out goes!