Sunday, 18 January 2015

Recalcitrant Daze - Upgrading.

Another model-less week due to work hours.

But over the weekend I managed to get one project done, something I hoped to do over Xmas but didn't due to being ill.

After a trip to the shops I found myself in possession of a shelving unit and some desk legs, combined with some MDF boards I used to use as a gaming surface I put together a new work area...

This is going to be the 'messy' work area - so doing moulds, casting, using the Dremel, sanding, doing bases and so on.

It is a big improvement to what I had before and will make working a whole lot easier. It will also free up some space on my regular hobby desk.

I still need to do the odd small job (such as adding a bracket to attach the desk to the wall) as well as finalising the place for everything.

A big bonus is that I have opened up a lot of space in my storage cupboard...which will be handy with what I have on order...


  1. That is a beast of a compressor! Do you just open the window to vent, or do you have a rig setup?

    1. I don't do anything when I empty the pressure tank other than open it. It isn't a problem.

  2. That's one impressive work area! I wish I had half of your setup!

    1. Cheers. It was pretty cheap to do as well which was a nice bonus.