Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Blessings of the Plaguefather - Beasts 6

The other mini-project mentioned in my previous post was to get the new (and final) Plague Toad done.

I did a bit of work on him so he looks a bit different to the other two toads which are the same sculpt.

Made the mouth a bit smaller, added GS to the face, cut off one foot and repositioned it slightly and added a different texture to his back and side.

Originally I was hoping to re sculpt the broken off horn but in the end dismissed the idea due to a lack of sculpting talent.

Instead I cut what was left off then dremeled the area out. I then used the spare horn from Scabby to give him a nice new big horn (the other toads will be jealous). Bit of GS finished it off.

After a paint job this is what he looks like.

Bit rushed, base will prob need a bit more work in the future but he's good enough for tabletop standard which is all I have ever aimed for. At the moment I just haven't got time or concentration for any more than that.


  1. He's a sad looking toad :(

    Obviously he knows you loved the other toads more. . .

    1. He's not sad. He just doesn't give in to peer pressure and conform to the mass delusion of smiling outwardly.

  2. These toads look great Rictus. I know you say it's a bit rushed, but I still think he looks ace!

  3. Hey Man looking good, What type of bit are you using to "Dremel out" the hole, i have just got one and want to get on the right track?

    1. I tend to use the engraving cutting tools to dremel out things like the Toads horn. Like this one:

      It is worth having a range of sizes to hand.


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