Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Zone Mortalis - 2 (Scatter Terrain)

Bit of a small update tonight.

In the previous post on the ZM terrain I am knocking together to try the rules out I showed the cast barrels and crates I was going to use to do some scatter terrain which we will add to the rooms and corridors giving extra cover.

I did start to add tarps to three of the barrel groups but they looked horrible so I am going to try a different technique with them. I also decided the stores needed to be on pallets as you just can't add tarps without the pieces being on something as you need the tarps to go below the things being covered. The pallets will raise them slightly so that the tarps can be added so they do not reach the floor.

So I made a quick master for a pallet which I then did a mould for, I couldn't be bothered making all the pallets i need from scratch. This pallet has turned out to be just a temporary one. I now plan to do a much more detailed version as a 3D model which I will have printed. But for now these do the job nicely.

I have just done the four for now, I'll end up with another four I think.

In the pic above you can see the cast top section and the four lower panels added afterwards - for obvious reasons I wouldn't be able to cast it as one single piece.

Someone asked to see the crates in more detail. They were one of the first things I tried casting, here are the masters in styrene:

And some cast pieces in resin:

Next up will be doing the remaining four pallets and then adding all the tarps...

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  1. The crates seem to suffer from one piece molditis.

    However, all in all, they look good and I could really use some of those setups for my Imperial Guard and their munition dump objectives. *nudge*


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