Saturday, 10 March 2012

Looted Wagons 21

The second wagon is now almost finished. I say 'almost' as while taking the pictures I realised I hadn't added sodding handles to the hatch.

I will go back and add those at the end now, I always intended to go back to the first two wagons at the end and do any little bits and pieces anyway so i'll sort the handles at the end.

Firstly I have to say using the Demolisher cannon bit was a stupid idea. I bloody hate the GW metal hybrid bits. Sodding nightmare to use, they never fit together properly and they are a bugger to use.

So anyway, pictures of the second wagon.

I think the demolisher cannon parts are firmly attached in place now, a combination of superglue and GS was used. The first attempt I had to pull the bits off as the cannon pointed downwards slightly with the result of the bits breaking apart instead of coming free. The two arrows point to where I drilled holes through and glued some brass rod in place.

And the first two wagons together:

Next up will be Wagon No. 3.

It will have a turret mounted Boomgun and secondary weapons mounted in the hull. Work will start on it tomorrow.


  1. Looking damned good mate.

    On the turretless one, where's the dark grey bit of the exhaust stack from? And also on the second one, where's that resin fan from?

  2. The dark grey parts of the exhausts are Deff Dread exhaust piece I modified a bit.

    The resin fan is a cast from a CoD panel.