Thursday, 8 March 2012

Recalcitrant Daze – 11 Months, Orks, BoLS and Forge World.

Welcome to the eleventh Recalcitrant Daze Monthly Blog Post Thing (you may have guessed I still haven’t thought up a good name for it).

Wow, eleven months. It seems we are stuck with each other; I think we should all just accept it and make the best of the situation.

So, I hear you ask, what has the eleventh month brought to RD and what will the following month bring?

3D Printing, Casting & Bell of Lost Souls.

The plinths, rebar and mounting plates arrived from the printers this month. The first batch of casts is done but I need to do a lot more casting. Since the last update I have produced another set of moulds for the plinths to speed the process up. Expect another update on these this weekend after I spend some time seriously building up the numbers.

My latest article went up on Bell of Lost Souls Monday evening and for a change it wasn’t about Orks. I decided to share my experiences so far with the 3D printing to the wider hobby world as I know it is something of interest to a lot of people.

You can catch the article, which includes some pictures that haven’t been seen on RD, here. To tempt you to pay a visit here is one of the previously unseen pictures…

Looted Wagons.

Soon the first two Looted Wagons I was commissioned to build will be declared finished. The third will become the priority project then.

Due to a couple of reasons – dealing with the clean up from a leaking roof and underestimating how long it would take to strip the paint off three tanks in one go – I am behind where I expected to be with these, hence making the third one a priority for the forthcoming week or two so the project doesn’t end up being over the estimated completion date.

Forge World Open Day.

1st April sees WHW open its doors for another FW Open Day. I have been to every one so far and they have all been excellent. I will be there with Schoolcormorant from The Spring Offensive and Maelstrom from The Rising Sign.

I do not intend to spend much. This is no guarantee of anything however.

My camera will be in my hand throughout the day so expect many pictures appearing on Recalcitrant Daze sometime in the evening along with any info I hear (and can remember).

If you are going to be there and want to say hello feel free to do so. I’ll be the one with praying skeleton tattoos on his forearms and three chaos star tattoos on the back of his right arm. That should make it easy to tell me from the crowd.

Zone Mortalis.

The following weekend in April will see me passing across our northern border into the Land of the Scots where I shall be staying with a friend for a few days of gaming.

We have two aims, the first is to try out the ‘leaked’ 6th edition rule set with some 1000 point army lists (we normally play 2.5k games), while the second is to have a go at the Zone Mortalis rules from FW using 750 point armies on a 3’ x 3‘ gaming area.

I will be taking a thousand points of Orks and a thousand points of Militia. This means building some Orks, I’m not sure yet if I will do any blog updates on the Orks as it will be basic, out of the box builds (due to time) and nothing will get painted (obviously…this is me) so there will not be much to show.

However I will do a post or two on ZM to say what I think of it and to show the very (very) basic terrain we knock up to try it out. While I would love a space hulk style board I’m not going to embark on building one when I don’t have the time or room for the finished product (plus I don’t know if I will like the game yet).

For the walls I made a master corner/end piece with the aim of casting enough before we play in April. It was a pretty rough and quick build out of lego and styrene.

Finnboard door

Cardboard walls - the card we use for the game will be plain,
not a garish mix of colours...

We will cut card to slot in between them for the walls and some finnboard to drop into the central groove for doorways. They are nice and solid with the hope it will keep everything stable during gaming. It will all be pretty basic and plain but for now it will do the job nicely.

So yeah, in the coming month expect more casting, more looting, some orks, more terrain and a big dump of Forge World related shenanigans.

I feel you don’t hear the word shenanigans often enough.


A quick afterthought…

I am looking to do more articles for Bell of Lost Souls and Miniature Wargames Conversions in the future, however I’m not currently brimming over with ideas for topics.

If you have an idea for an article you would like me to do please do post it up, all ideas will be considered, though not necessarily taken up...


  1. I'm well looking forward to FWOD (Forge World Open Day). Already have £120 scheduled for spending... Unfortunately.

    I've even convinced Emma to come with me to WHW on the monday or tuesday after for lunch/beer and looking at stuff.

  2. I curse you being able to go to those things, Ric. Not being anywhere near those or Games Days or the like has always meant I've missed out on every single show exclusive figure I've ever wanted. You sir, are a bastage of the highest order.
    (Jealousy +10)

    Now that I've choked back the jealousy, when you have a few moments to spare and are willing to entertain a small request/commission (3d work, my program won't do it to put the finishing touches on a project to have prototyped), could you throw me a quick email? Faolan DOT Conall AT Gmail.

    1. Weren't FW down your way at the last Aus GD?

      I will send an email later.

    2. Up in Sydney, yeah. I am, however, in Tasmania, and the flights up aren't cheap, especially that time of year, and accommodation in Sydney is ruinous!

  3. Love these walls! If you ever decide to put them up for sale, make sure you announce it on here!

    1. Something might be going up tonight or tomorrow...