Sunday, 11 March 2012

Defensive Walls & 3D Printing 9 + For Sale...?

So I have been rather busy casting.

To date I have cast...

42 No. Straight Walls (so 2.1 metres of straight walls)
38 No. Corner Walls
34 No. Straight Plinths (so 850mm)
15 No. Corner Plinths

All set up they look something like this:

Though in an actual game setting there will be bastions in there which would increase the area covered.

I think I have nearly enough now. I have run out of plaster but i've ordered a load more. Once it arrives I'll finish off the casting and do the sub assemblies for the plinth walls sections.

I do have the fun task of casting all the mounting plates for them. I can hardly wait.

Not much of an update I admit, however the main reason for this post is to follow.

'Defensive Wall Mould Sets'

A number of people have asked me if I would be selling casts of the walls which they can buy.

I did consider it but the amount of time this would take up would be far too much and would result in it being too expensive for people to buy.

However, what I am seriously considering is selling a set of moulds which people can then use to cast as many walls as they like. It will be far cheaper for people to cast their own walls using moulds they have bought as the plaster is very cheap.

So what I am proposing is to sell a set which will include moulds for 1 Straight Wall, 1 Corner Wall, 1 Straight Plinth, 1 Corner Plinth and a mould for four Mounting Plates. A mould for rebar will not be included as it uses a lot of rubber, I am finding I am not using much at all - just four lengths so far. As such I will include with the moulds four casts of the rebar.

All this depends on demand. I don't know how much a set will be yet, once I know this is a goer (i.e. there are people interested) I will order some more rubber, as I don't have enough left for a full set, and produce the first set. From this I will then be able to determine a price and people can then order them.

So if you are interested please drop me an email at rictusrd-blog at yahoo dot co dot uk


  1. What about a set of one of each piece, and I can make my own moulds?

  2. Selling the mold is the way to go. How much are you thinking? $5, $10, $20? And have you considered just opening an e-bay store?

    1. Check the latest post on the walls for prices.

      No plans at the moment on doing an eBay store. If I expand the range more I may think about it again though.