Thursday, 22 March 2012

Looted Wagons 25

FINISHED (I think).

Yep, tonight I finished the third Looted Wagon I got commissioned to build. The reason for the 'i think' is that I will give all three a once over tomorrow to make sure I haven't missed anything.

But anyway, to the pictures...

And to recap the first two wagons...

The three of them together...

The aim was to build three tanks which had lots of individualism yet were obviously related, I think the end result made it.


  1. While they look fantastic, I can't help but think all of that nice rounded-ness on areas isn't very Orky. I expect a bit more slablike and angular, especially on the back of that turret, and for things like hatches.

    I mean, they're brilliant builds and I'd be happy with them myself.

  2. I adore the last one, the mantle build for the cannon is amazing, lovely and rounded and I think it's Orky in its cunningness if that makes sense.

  3. Cheers for all the comments.

  4. How much and who do I make the cheque ….. No great work love the more rounded shape not everything ork is square. Great detail and great PC work, what do use for cutting circles ? if you don't mind sharing .

    1. A simple circle cutter. Inexpensive and readily available. It isn't perfect as it is only designed to cut paper and card but it is the best thing available I know of.


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