Friday, 16 March 2012

Defensive Walls & 3D Printing 10 and Mould Prices

I had some more plaster arrive resulting in more wall casts being done. Since the last update the tally now runs at…

64 No. Straight Walls (3.2 metres)
54 No. Corner Walls
44 No. Straight Plinths (1.1 metres)
19 No. Corner Plinths

Some close ups of the latest walls with damage carved into them:

Sometime this weekend I will (I hope) get some Realm of Battle panels out and do some set ups with some bastions etc to see how many more casts it is worth doing.

I am also thinking about static guns (ala planetstrike) and how they would set up behind the walls. I don’t like the base you get in the planetstrike sets and while I like the alternative Tarantula like base it takes up too much room with the legs spread out.

I am thinking of either a. using the base without the legs or b. doing a new one from scratch.

Here are some pics of the guns set up:

Using the 'box' base

Using the alternative base without the legs.

I prefer the legless base, but not completely sold on it yet. I'm probably going to end up doing a new one similar to it.

Moulds for Sale

As discussed in the previous post I am thinking about selling moulds of the defensive walls for people to then cast their own sets. I’ve had enough emails of interest to make it worth giving it a go. As such I have some new rubber and I’ll be doing the first mould this weekend.

I have some prices which are almost certainly going to be what I go with. I have decided to not include the mounting plate mould in the basic set as I know not everyone would want to bother adding them. So the prices are:

Mould Set 1 – single mould covering the straight wall, corner wall, straight plinth and corner plinth. £22 + postage

Mould Set 2 – Two of Set 1. £40 + postage

Mould Set 3 – As Set 1 + mounting plate mould & 4 pieces of rebar (each just shy of 100mm long). £25 + postage.

Mould Set 4 – Two of Set 3. £45 + postage.

Postage would be at cost. Keep in mind the boxes won’t be light, though a lot less than if you were buying a whole set of cast walls.

I recommend if people can to buy the two mould option as it will make casting all the pieces a lot less time consuming, it allows you to alternative doing casts so that you can do it constantly rather than having to wait for plaster to dry before doing the next set.

I will not be taking orders as such until after the first mould is done this weekend. It allows me to do a test cast to ensure that the mould size and everything else is ok. Plus it’ll give me a weight to determine postage costs so no one has a nasty surprise later.


  1. I think the alternate base without legs looks the best in that lot - the first one sis too high above the wall. How does it sot behind a wall-plinth combo - is it too short, or a similar height to the base without legs behind the single wall section?

    1. You know that is a very good question, to which the answer is I don't know yet...I took those pics a while back before I did the plinths and not had chance yet to look at the guns again. I will get some pictures sorted for the next update.

  2. I an interested and the mould idea is a way better idea, especially for us that way we can cast what we want when we want it.

    I have to ask when will you be doing the round sections ? These are the pieces I am really interested in, I have a couple of gun placements in mind and these just to dam good.

    I would be interested in the straight sections as well but the curved is the must for me.

    Great work and keep it coming, hats of to you for offering moulds.

    1. Yeah i will be offering the emplacement walls as a mould for sale as well.

      I wasn't originally going to until I had sorted the base plate pieces, but as I was going to do separate moulds for the walls and bases I am happy to sell them separate as well. I will come up with a price and let you know.

  3. Thanks Rictus these will look great and bring some much needed detail for displays.